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Rapido the RubberFroggy

Rapido has been around since 1999, from hir first ever LondonFur meet in 1999, through to running and hosting RubberSocial. Rapido has had many forms and is a master/mistress of transformation, it’s hir biggest interest, with rubber, paws, inflation, fattening, slime/messy, etc. all part of hir interests in transformation.

Rapido likes nothing more than transforming an unsuspecting human into a rubber pup using hir own PawSocks & PawMitts. Shi also traps people in hir suits and transforms them into hir critters. See below for a brief history of RubberFroggy and how shi got where shi is!

A small selection of RubberFroggy’s outfits, accessories & items made, see the gallery page to access thousands more photos & arts!

Character/Body History

1999 to Present Day

Shy(e)Fox (Red Furry Fox)

1999 to 2002

1999-2002 – I started my journey as a little fluffy anthro red fox. A big bushy tail and a cheeky grin. I was far too innocent but allowed me to explore the furry community as rubber/frogs were not very welcomed in those early days of the furry community. Foxes were also widely labled as sluts, so suited me nicely but I just did not feel comfortable in my red fur.

Horizon (Furry Otter)

2002 to 2004

I was starting to explore my watery life, I knew I was an aquatic creature but I was still too shy so I moved a step closer and transformed into an otter, still with my trademarked bright red hair. As an otter, we generally have fun and don’t take life seriously… but I still didn’t feel right, but having webbed feet and hands was nice.

Rapido (Red Eyed Tree Frog)

2004 to 2005

I finally did it! I managed to transform myself into a froggy and I didn’t care who knew. I was the first frog and I lost friends because I no longer had ‘fur’ but I didn’t care. However what type of frog was I? There are loads of species, I loved red so I turned into a Red-Eyed Tree Frog. Big webbed feet, red underpants (yes, I still was a bit shy/SFW then!)

Rapido (Fat Red-Eyed Tree Frog)

2005 to 2006

So now I was starting to explore being a froggy and I found I loved being big and round, fat/round, cuddling, plump… you name it… I started to be more open about my interests and this has guided my forms ever since.

Rapido (Thin Green & Blue Frog)

2005 to 2006

I finally found my look. I have to be a green frog, for sure but I love blue on green so I gew out my red parts and gave myself blue stripes down my sides. I was a unique froggy, unlike anything else but I transformed into a unique froggy and I was happy!

Rapido (Now With Tail)

2005 to 2008

Yes, being a young froggy, I still had my tadpole tail so I wanted to be proud of it and show it off. Great for slapping people with it but don’t grab it, it’s far too slick and slippery, hah! This thin fleshy form did not last too long, it was boring and thin!

Rapido (Thin Herm Frog)

2006 to 2006

Around this time I started to experiment with boobs… that’s right, froggy was transforming into a herm frog… no girl bits between my legs, just a boy froggy with boobs… They were fun to have and have generally stayed with me ever since! *wobbles them* I was also exploring NSWF art too! This form, just like my thin frogboy form did not last long, I was far too thin and boring, had to change that!

Rapido (Now Rubber Froggy)

2006 To Present Day

The time had to come right? I finally embraced being a rubber froggy and at the same time being a big fat/inflated one too! I was still unsure about whether I was filled or hollow but one thing is for sure I was rubbery now with a big round belly. Just need to add the boobs now right? This is the basis of RubberFroggy we see today!

Rapido (Inflatable Frog Suit)

2006 to Present Day

It was going to happen right? I debuted myself to the real world and became a rubber froggy for real… and a herm too! Everyone around the world now knows me in this form, i’m infamous!

Fifi (Balloonie Skunk Herm)

2006 to 2012

It was about now when my transformation urges were itching and I loved being balloonie, rubber, herm & over-inflated. Plus I had an interest in the more muskier side of life so Fifi was born, well, I turned into a balloonie rubber skunk. Shi was a great side-form for me but was not permanent by any means. I’ve not been Fifi since 2012 but is always there I suppose!

Max (Border Collie)

2008 to Present Day

So, despite being a big round balloonie rubber froggy, I still had a small part of me that loved furry footpaws so Max was born. I LOVE turning into Max, bursting through clothes into a big fluffy doggy and wearing him out in the world, however I don’t play as Max much as I have much more fun as a froggy, but Max may make another appearance as a new suit one day!

Slug Anthro

2008 to 2017

It was around this time I was exploring the more slimier and plump sides of things, mixing in transformation, slightly human shape, slimy green smooth feet and a big bellytail, Slugboy was born. The TF is just THE best part I should add… gets very slimy/messy though. I do have a deviant version of him as you’ll see later, which is now the default form.


2010 to Present Day

Well, you didn’t think i’d forgotten about being a froggy? Slugboy was fun but I missed the flippers, boobs and froggy head, so Slugboy transformed into FrogSlug. I must admit shi got so slimy and the TF’s were so messy that I still transform into hir or slugboy but it is rare these days unless i’m in a swimming pool environment.

Pads (Brown Bear)

2009 to 2014

Max is fun but I wanted to sometimes be a dominant furry critter and you can’t get more dominant than a bear? I rarely transform into Pads but when I did, he was fun, especially his cocktongue, he was a kinky bear, into a LOT. Perhaps he might come back one day, who knows.

Rapido (Hyper Herm Balloonie)

2014 to 2018

Yes it was bound to happen right? Being inflatable it was a matter of time before I started spending more time as a big round hyper-herm balloon froggy. I was started to explore many more kinks and fetishes now. This form was discontinued as hir boobs were just far too big, I couldn’t see where I was waddling!

Rubber CockSlug

2017 to Present Day

(Multi-Cock Rubber Slugboy)

I told you slug anthro would make a comeback and during my exploration of deviant forms, I transformed into slugboy but with extra cocks, he became a new favourite form for me to transform into. He gets very messy during the TF and when having fun but he’s rubber-skinned so wipe-clean!

Rapido (Male Balloon Frog)

2018 to Present Day

So there we have it, made of rubber, hollow, big bouncy belly, big flippers, big butt, balloonie tail (yes a balloon knot at the tip, how else do I deflate!). I’m in this form when I need to stay SWF or I need to be discreet, but always looking to transform when I can into my natural form below!

Rapido (Herm Balloon Frog)

2018 to Present Day

So my now-default form is this hyper-herm form now! Made of rubber, hollow (or not, depending!), huge bouncy belly & butt, big flippers, big cock, balloonie tail but not such huge boobs so I can at least see where i’m waddling. I’m in this version of Rapido when I want to have some fun! The boring male version is when I have to be SWF or subtle…

Oh, there are many more extremely NSFW, weird, deviant and downright gross forms that RubberFroggy transforms into, but that won’t be shown here, those are reserved for close friends only, sorry!

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