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What Is RubberSocial?

RubberFroggy is the organiser and host of the RubberSocial latex fetish events on the South Coast of the UK – anyone is welcome, as long as you have some rubber, latex or neoprene on (doesn’t have to be full body, t-shirt or hood as a minimum will do!)

For info and dates of forthcoming events

Event Activities:

  • Market Place – We will have some tables selling rubber gear and accessories
  • Rubber Shining/Polishing Station – Want your rubber clothing shined up? We’ll help!
  • Photography Area – We’ll have studio quality lighting and backdrops, let’s get some perfect shots of you in your rubbery gear. We’ll also be pleased to have photos taken of you using our rubber and bondage equipment as well!
  • Bar & Drinks – Fully stocked bar available all afternoon
  • Play Equipment – We will have Vac-beds, Vac-Cubes & bondage stocks, etc. for playing around and RP!
  • Changing Areas – There is a dedicated backstage room for changing into and out of gear along with spacious bathroom facilities.

Event Rules:

  1. Over 18’s only (ID may be required)
  2. Dress Code, The dress code is rubber & neoprene, you can come in normal gear to change into and out of gear, but as its a rubber event, please remember that.
  3. Although all safety measures are in place, play is at your own risk, and the event cannot take responsibility for any damage or loss to personal items or injury.
  4. No adult nudity is allowed, i.e. don’t have it on show or get it out, likewise for the ladies! Save that for the bedroom!
  5. No non-consensual contact, repeat infringement will result in removal from the event and possible bans
  6. Rubber Social is a non-sexual event, while physical contact is expected, this does not constitute permission to sexual conclusion and anyone found breaching this will be removed from the event and possible bans
  7. No aggressive, violent or shaming behaviour. Rubber Social is a drama-free community!
  8. Personal photos are allowed but do not post any photos that contain other guests faces without permission.
  9. Don’t be a twat, we’re all here to have a good time!

If you want to sell your rubbery goods at our events or have any ideas & suggestions for activities, themes or kit at our events, please Contact Us

For photos from all our events, CLICK HERE!


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